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We help tenants find their dream rentals

We take pride in our rentals & we love creating opportunities for our clients & tenants to make a house, into a home.
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Here, at RentaHome, it is our goal to help our tenants feel a sense of pride in where they live.

We provide a variety of housing types in order support a wide range of individuals – from singles to couples to growing families.

We are proud of our beautiful rental portfolio & we endeavour to find people who fit our philosophy of mutual respect & cooperation; individuals who can take our houses & make them into homes.

Discover thousands of apartments and homes for rent in Ireland!




Why choose RentaHome?

Vendors? Nope. Save that term for the company who provides office supplies. We’re specialists and experts in property technology, design, customer experience, web development, and growth optimisation.

We’re your partner, and we align with your business goals to provide real, measurable results.

Let’s find you a new home.

Finding and renting a house or apartment does not have to be difficult. RentaHome lets you easily find and rent your new home.

Compare top local estate agents that want to rent your home.